Happy New Year 2009

Hello everybody!

I would like starting this blog post by wishing you a happy New Year 2009! 🙂

I should admit that I haven’t write anything new for more than one year and that I also have promised to release something during this period and nothing has happened. I can really understand your frustation.

However I want to let you know that there IS some progress with the different projects. To prove it, I will attach some teasers in this blog post. But let me explain the status of the different projects :

  • FaviconXT :

To sum up, there are pretty much only plans of enhancements.

  • SBSH Codename Guru :

Some great work has been done from the last version avalaible such as new applications, wizard effects,… but there is still a lot of work to do.

  • IconXT :

It will be a MAJOR new version. Some of the new features are : realtime preview, icons browser, “recursive” option, …. There is already a beta inside the beta testing forum which is called “IconXT 1.8.1 Beta Build 2973”. Before a public release, I would like to add another module (which is done by 50%). I may consider a public beta, the last things before it will be to double check the bugs, to polish the interface, and to update the translations..

Teaser below….

  • ProjectXT :

It is the project that I spend most of the time during the last year and things are coming along nicely! There are LOTS of new features and bugfixes and the current version is really far better than the first one!

I am happy to announce that ProjectXT will supports Windows Mobile Notifications and categories ! There are others things (performance improvements, …)  that I will not mention now because I will make new blog posts when we will be nearer to the release.

Oh I was nearly forgetting the major enhancement : the main view is greatly improved with a completely new display which looks more professionnal and I think nicer !

Teaser below …

Before a public release, I need to correct the last few bugs and update the PC installers. English and french language are updated, it misses the german and italian ones. It will be the first between all the projects to be released !

  • The “Little suprise” :

Well, not so little in fact. It is indeed a big project, highly related to ProjectXT and it does not concern “directly” the Windows Mobile Platform. Its status is around the 35% of completion. Again I will post more about it in a few months.

  • New website

Even if I like the current website, it is pretty much the same since 2005. It is time to change and to give it a better and professionnal look but also to make it more practical. This is the last project I’ve started so it is not too much advanced, but it is on the high priority on my TODO List.

Concerning the forums I’ve switched from the old invision forums (despite the fact I love it 🙁 ) to the last phpBB forums. I need to check if everything has been moved correctly and  will put it back online again.

Now, I plan to have ProjectXT, IconXT and the new website released this year. As my studies take me lot of time, I haven’t so much time as before, but I would like to have the “little surprise” finished too! Of course, the ideal goal would be to have all the projects released in 2009. We will see… 🙂

Thank you everybody !


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