Windows Phone 7 Series (Updated 02/05/12)

Here we are….

The change is here. In french we could say “Windows Mobile is dead, long live to Windows Phone”.

That’s finally the famous Pink project, the Zune phone or whatever it is called. There is no mistake possible it is a major breakdown and a new start from scratch !

The Zune UI seems to receive really good critics at the USA, unfortunately I was not able to see it in France. The interface is innovative no doubt about that. iPhone looks really conventionnal compared to it and I even do not mention Android. For now with only the presented functions it looks interesting, something really new but there are still lots of questions.

  • Mulitasking ? Windows Mobile does it from the beginning !
  • Today plugin : I’m pretty sure they are dead, even the great Titanium. I think it was necessary but Windows Mobile community will lose some really great apps from this area.
  • I do not see a file explorer on the screenshots/videos. I REALLY hope it is not removed, that’s something essential to me (and not because of IconXT – which is unuseful at all in WPhones7 btw)
  • Programs : how will they look ? It is great to see music, photos, mail, agenda, … but that’s pretty common how can other apps look like in WinPhone7 ?
  • Marketplace : will it be the only way to publish apps ? That should be logical and the occasion for Microsoft but I hope no. If yes, I really hope they will reduce the cost of their marketplace to make it at least equal to the App Store !
  • Customization ? Can we customize our phones ? Themes ?
  • And of course developpement : .NET language ? Compact Framework ? Silverlight ? C++ ? Visual Studio ? Microsoft should tell us more about that on Mix. The date is noted in my agenda 😉

There are of course really good positive points : multitouch !, fast UI, …

Two things however really disturb me :

  • There are no icons ! Icons are something really important for a good looking app, in windows Phone 7 we cannot see any (ok some small in black and white)….that’s so strange!
  • No gradients ! Every square is in “flat” color, I cannot see any gradients ! In fact I have the impression it takes the opposite direction Windows PC with Windows Seven : no transparency,…. (maybe some clues about Windows 8 ?)

The result is a clean UI and something really interesting. In fact I do not find the “Windows” spirit in it. But let’s wait Mix we will probably know a lot more about apps which are vital for every platform !

One a side note, I WILL provide an update of all my current Windows Mobile apps even they do not work on WM 7. For now I do not see Windows Phone 7 series as the successor of Windows Mobile but as another platform for phones !

Stay stuned !

EDIT 02/05/12 : Since several months I use a Windows Phone 7 device and I must say I love it. Of course JDH Software will offer in a near future applications for this platform. More news in a few months 😉

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