Status and new product revealed FeedXT

After several months years without anything new out I would like to assure you that we are still alive. 🙂

JDH Software takes a new direction. We will no longer be focusing only on mobile devices but also on desktop and tablets (especially with the upcoming Windows 8 release).

With the successful release of Windows Phone 7 and the upcoming Windows Phone 8, current Windows Mobile product will receive a last update before being “ceased”.

We are now concentrating on Windows Desktop platform and we will jump into Windows Phone 7 a bit later. The target is to focus on the Microsoft ecosystem with the use of Microsoft .NET Framework.Currently three applications are under development for Windows PC.
The first of them is an application I have made for my own needs and it is quite common : a rss reader. However there are two particularities : it can be synchronized with your google reader account and it is organized with a ribbon structure. More news in a few weeks.
If you are interested to participate into the beta just drop me a mail or use the contact form in the main site, support section.Here is a sneak peak :

Update : FeedXT will never see the light as Google Reader has been closed. Other alternatives using Feedly are just popping around the web. What I learn from the Krypton Components will be reused in a new app.

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