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GameXT public beta released

E3 2016 is coming really really soon. This will be an exciting moment ! Many video games will be announced and that makes as many games to list the release date, ordering them in your wishlist…

That’s why It is the perfect time to finally launch our new application GameXT for Windows Desktop.  It is a video games collection manager that allows you to collect the games you own and the ones you dream of having.

GameXT main screen

GameXT main screen

The aim of the application is to centralize all your games from every platforms in one place to have a great view of your entire video games library. That also enables the possibility to have great statistics charts and fun facts numbers.

Build your library

To build your library you can do it yourself by managing every field but you can also rely on the our providers GiantBomb and that will fill the blanks automatically.

GameXT - Add a new game

GameXT – Add a new game

Browse your library

You can display your library with a list view or pictures. The list view provides several avanced grouping and sorting possibilites. You can also apply filters to your collection.

Click on a game gives access to the details and all the information you recorded about the game.

GameXT List view

GameXT List view

Analyze your library

Once you will built your library, it is time to how it does look like by looking at the statistics.stats

This is only a first look, you can read more about GameXT using the following link:

You can download it here :

I will be very happy to hear your feedback on the application here in the comments or in the dedicated forums. Several new features are planned (eg import your Steam library, …) . Oh and one last thing, it’s free !

Have a great E3 !

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Krypton OutlookGrid Version 1.6.0

Krypton OutlookGrid 1.6.0

A (big) update has been published for Krypton OutlookGrid bumping it from 1.0.1 to version 1.6.0 . The component has greatly evolved along with our new application GameXT over the past months (damn, already 3 years in fact !) .

What’s new

We can mainly mention :

  • TreeGrid mode
  • Conditional formatting
  • Token column
  • Added autohide column when grouped option
  • Added ability to sort groups by count value
  • Added date interval for DateTime GridGroup
  • Added column chooser in the integrated context menu (visible
  • Added persistence configuration (save / restore -sort of)
  • much more …

You can take a look to the full version history to know more about all changes concerning this big update.

Project’s location

As it is an open source project, following the general move the repository is now located at GitHub. You can access to the source following this link :

Continue reading

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New website – again

After nearly 7 years, JDH Software website just has been redefined. It is a new start for us that is coming with new applications.

The revamped version comes with responsive design that will fit well on mobile devices and tablets. I hope you will enjoy the new design ! Great browsing 🙂

New website - HomePage

New website – HomePage

Old Website - Homepage

Old Website – Homepage

PS: if you meet a bug do not hesitate to write me back !

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