Krypton OutlookGrid Version 1.6.0

Krypton OutlookGrid 1.6.0

A (big) update has been published for Krypton OutlookGrid bumping it from 1.0.1 to version 1.6.0 . The component has greatly evolved along with our new application GameXT over the past months (damn, already 3 years in fact !) .

What’s new

We can mainly mention :

  • TreeGrid mode
  • Conditional formatting
  • Token column
  • Added autohide column when grouped option
  • Added ability to sort groups by count value
  • Added date interval for DateTime GridGroup
  • Added column chooser in the integrated context menu (visible
  • Added persistence configuration (save / restore -sort of)
  • much more …

You can take a look to the full version history to know more about all changes concerning this big update.

Project’s location

As it is an open source project, following the general move the repository is now located at GitHub. You can access to the source following this link :

Krypton components

Meanwhile ComponentFactory after discontinuing its product has decided to publish all the source code of the Krypton Suite on Github under the BSD license.

As you know Krypton OutlookGrid heavily relies on the Krypton Suite. Owning the source code while it was a paying components suite, I’ve made several modifications to improve the library I have decided to publish them in a separate fork you can download and contribute here :

It is a great gift to the Winforms community. Thanks Phil and ComponentFactory ! It would be awesome if the development continues with the help of the community.


The new website was also the perfect time trying to have decent documentation about Krypton OutlookGrid. You will find the basic Getting started help but also more advanced topics like :

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