GameXT 0.9.11

A new version of GameXT has been published. Several friendly changes :

Added two new data types: the game format (CD, DVD, …) and to be in and the format type: either physical (to store on the shelves !) or digital.

New statistics have been added: Money spent per year, Money spent by platform, price / hour per platform, time played per platform, games by size and type format.


A new type of bar chart (horizontal) was added.


Following responses on forums the game status “From time to time” has been added, as well as additional digital distribution platforms (, Nintendo eShop, Desura, Indie Royale, IndieGameStand, Humble Bundle). Priority displayed when the game is already purchased is now “already purchased” if the option is selected.

A function of selecting a random game has been added. We can now add our own icons for stores in the grid and detail.


Finally a bug fix on the images list and a new thumbnails management have strongly speed up the Images view’s loading time. You will really feel the change. Following this change, you must go to the database center (Tools tab) and regenerate the thumbnails.


The changelog can be found here:

You can download the update on our website or via the update manager built into GameXT.

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