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FaviconXT is provided as FREEWARE (NO Adware, NO Spyware). If you enjoy using FaviconXT, feel free to help the developer with a donation.

BETA Version

If you wish to access the latest features, you could be interested by downloading the BETA version. The beta still needs some testing, can contain bugs but offers new features and changes, not yet available in the stable release.

No BETA available

Release version

If you are interested in a stable experience, it is recommended to download the latest release. This version may not provide as much features as the beta version but it has been tested to ensure a better stability.

Latest version 1.0.0
Release date November 30, -0001
Size 1.0 MB
Requirements .NET Compact Framework 2.0*
Operating System Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1
Windows Mobile 5
Windows Mobile 2003/SE
Resolution: QVGA, VGA
Translations English French German
Screen rotation No

Download Setup Download CAB

To install FaviconXT you can do one of the following :

  • With your computer (using ActiveSync for Windows XP and Windows Mobile Device Center for Windows Vista/Seven) : download and run the PC Installer.
  • Directly on your device : download and run the CAB file.

*Requirements: .NET Compact Framework 2.0

If you do not have or if you are not sure which version you have, please download the latest version of the Compact Framework (compatibility with previous .NET versions is retained) and install it first.